Here's What Clients Are Saying

John Passananti, VP at AXA

"I am truly impressed with the RecruitSavvy model. Our firm has hired several advisors from their organization including more than a few Million Dollar Round Table producers. Mike Wilder has always been a stand-up guy."

Jon Grossman, Senior VP of Finance at Bare Necessities

"I decided to call RecruitSavvy after a month of running ads on Linkedin.  I didn't have the budget to place the position with a recruiter.  For slightly more than the cost of a Linkedin ad, Recruit Savvy presented several quality candidates within a short time frame and one we eventually hired!  I would definitely recommend their service."

Lisa Brown, VP of HR at IMR Test Lab

"RecruitSavvy is more than IMR's 'recruitment ad agency'.  They play an important role in our recruiting strategy, crafting well written print & online ads that garner great candidate pools and providing cost-effective media recommendations. They always respond quickly and professionally to my requests."

Missty Gluck, Director of Recruiting, Langdon Ford Financial

“My RecruitSavvy ‘warm-caller’ consistently arranges for me to speak with 2-3 qualified candidates per week. Starting with a phone call, I’ve had face-to-face meetings with more than one-third of the leads she’s sent me. RecruitSavvy has made a real impact on my recruiting success.”

Mya Martinez, Director, Human Resources, Children's Aid and Family Services

"I've been working with RecruitSavvy for nearly 10 years, and in all that time, I've had the same rep handling my account. He knows our account inside and out and he's always coming up with great ideas to help us recruit more effectively."


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